Safety Management Academy, Safety Manager Training

Zero-Risk Guarantee

With the purchase of Safety Management Academy, The Safety Geek provides a 7-day and 90-Day 100% money-back refund policy.

If you are not completely satisfied with Safety Management Academy, you can contact me at within 7 days of your initial enrollment to request a “no strings attached” full refund.

It is the goal and mission of The Safety Geek to truly help workplace Safety Managers improve their processes, leadership skills, and effectiveness of their programs; which should elevate their positions through management support for their efforts.  Our refund policy reflects that commitment by requesting students apply the strategies taught in the course before approving a refund.  It is important to me that you give the program a solid try.

By the end of your first 90 days, you’ll have received all the modules, particularly the ones on Management Support, Hazard Identification, and Corrective Action Development.

Meaning you’ve had the opportunity to start making real changes and improvements to your safety department and you’ll have all the tools necessary to do so.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by the possibilities you’re seeing (and your ability to manage your safety program like a pro), simply reach out to me at, and I will respond with more detailed instructions on how you submit your refund request along with how to submit the work you’ve done in the program.

To be eligible for a Refund:

You must meet these criteria to be eligible for a refund:

  1. The person requesting the refund must be the purchaser of the program, verified via email address and other information given at the time of purchase.
  2. You must not have ever received a refund for any product from The Safety Geek with the exception of cancellations of memberships or coaching programs where unused portions were refunded.
  3. After the 7th day of enrollment, the submission form including documentation of work completed must be received no later than the 90th day from the date of your initial purchase.  No refunds will be given after 90 days.

Please see the Terms & Conditions for further refund information.