Hi,  Everyone! And thank you visiting my website, The Safety Geek.  I believe in transparency and value my integrity, so I want to lay out a few disclosures to you.

The goal of “The Safety Geek” is to share my experience, knowledge, and possibly some useful tips, tricks, and advice that hopefully make your job better and easier to navigate.  I am honestly here to help and educate; that being said, this blog is a for-profit business and one of the ways I make money is through affiliate links.  What this means is, that sometimes, for products I truly believe can be helpful to you, I partner with those companies and receive a commission, at no cost to you, should you click on the link and decide to purchase.

In the honor of true transparency, I will make every effort to disclose what links are commission links by putting a reference to this disclaimer close to the link.  However, as the site builds, there is always the chance that something gets missed – I am only human after all.  If you notice an error has been made, please point it out to me and I will fix it.  Given the chance of error, you should always assume that all links leading to products or services are affiliate links.

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products out there that may be helpful.  Know that I will only promote ones the I have investigated and possibly tried out for myself.  This may mean that I received a free trial of the product prior to promoting it on my site.  I do this to ensure that I am only recommending products that are truly helpful to my readers.  Your success means my success.

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Safety Brye