Even in the best economy, it can be tough to get hired as a Safety Manager.  You know you have the skills to do the job, but you’re competing against hundreds of Safety Professionals just as talented as you are.

So how do you make sure you’re the one they pick?

Look at the Job from the Employer’s Perspective

When a company is looking to hire a safety manager, they are not 100% sure how the job is done.  They know they need someone to keep them on the right side of the regulations, fend off the fines, and handle the injuries and accidents when they happen.


Very rarely do employers understand the amount of psychology involved in the job and that 80% of it is creating culture and changing behaviors.

This is why you see employers ask for qualifications that don’t match what is needed for the position.

You Have to Educate Hiring Managers on What we Do

When you are submitting your resume and cover letter, you need to focus on what you actually do and how that benefits the company.

For example: “I coach and observe employees to measure the change in performance behavior and increase adherence to your company policy”

You need to explain the “why” to get them to understand that it is more than just reactive.

Offering More Skills than Just Safety

Especially in a lean economy, you need to sell your other skills as well.  Show employers that you can do more than just safety.

  • Training skills can translate into HR & Operations training
  • Security as well as safety
  • Experience in negotiating prices also means you do purchasing

Really show off how you can help all departments and not just Safety.  As we all know safety is entwined in every department anyway.

The Hiring Process

At each stage of the hiring process, you need to shine and stand above the other applicants.  It’s not always the most experienced or qualified that gets hired. It is the person that grabs their attention early and often.

There are four key areas where  you can stand out:

  1. The Resume
  2. Your Cover Letter
  3. Social Media Profiles
  4. The Interview – phone, in-person, and group

Go After the Job You Want

Sometimes we take jobs because we are desperate to work anywhere, other times it is for the pay.  These reasons are understandable.

But if you are not happy where you are, then be proactive and go after the job you want.  You don’t have to wait for an opening to start applying.

  • Network with people who work there
  • Reach out to the HR department
  • Send them a cover letter and resume explaining why they need you.
  • Contact the current Safety Manager and get to know them.
  • Chat with employees who work them on social media to get a feel for the company culture.

In this episode of The Safety Geek Podcast, I go into more detail and ideas of how to get hired as a Safety Manager.  Including questions to ask during the interview and what to do if you’re in a bad situation.


Don’t wait until you are unemployed to start prepping for the job market.  Dust of your resume and learn the skills to make an impression at every stage of the hiring process.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Understand the gap between what hiring employers thank and what you know.
  • How to educate employers on what we do.
  • Offering them more than just safety skills
  • The steps to the hiring process
  • What questions to ask during an interview
  • Going after the job you want

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I want to hear your best tips for getting hired.  What tricks do you use to make your application stand out?  Comment below.

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