Welcome to The Safety Geek Podcast!!

When I started the Ask Safety Geek website, I knew that a podcast would definitely be added shortly after.  I am a podcast junkie!  How about you?  I just love being able to listen and learn while I am doing other things – exercising, lunch, making dinner, you know.

This podcast episode is really a filler one to get the party started.  It is to let all the podcast players know that I am here.  But I took the opportunity to share a little bit about my background.

It is worth listening too so you can learn more about me and my experience.  It’s kind of a verbal About Me discussion. Did you know that I have trained over 100 Safety Managers?  Crazy!   

I also review what the podcast will be about,  what you can expect in the future, ways to connect with me, and the frequency of shows.



Highlights From This Episode:

  • Show frequency & how to connect with me
  • Topics that we will discuss
  • My Experience & Story (see the About Me page)
  • Safety is the most important part of any business because it has an impact on every part of the business.

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Hi, I'm Brye (rhymes with sky)!  I am a self-proclaimed safety geek with two decades of general industry safety experience.  Specializing in bringing safety programs to a world-class level and building a safety culture, I have trained and coached many safety managers, just like you, on how to effectively manage workplace safety in the real world.   I would love to help you too.

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