This is the place to totally NERD OUT about safety and learn a thing or two about safety program management.


My name is Brye, (rhymes with sky) and I am a total safety geek.  I love this stuff.  I physically can’t go anywhere without looking for safety hazards.

Do you find yourself examining every scene with a keen  safety eye? Where are the exits for an emergency? How about the fire extinguishers? Are there any trip hazards? Is everyone wearing the right PPE?  If this sounds like you, then I get you, ’cause I do it too.

Safety = Happiness

I have a real passion for safety.  To me, safety = happiness.  When people are acting and working in a safe way, there is less stress, less anger – no one is trying to hurt me; everyone is happy and life is good.  That’s why I love safety.

Think about it – if someone is not working safely, aren’t you a bit worried?  Worried about them, worried something may happen, worried about yourself.

Recently I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw a worker on a scissor lift; no harness, standing on the railing, doing some painting up over his head.  What if he fell – who would that impact?  Surely him, but I would have that image in my head for years to come, as well as my kids.  My stress level sky rocketed in that moment.  So, Risky = Unhappy. 

A Little Bit About Me

I fell into the Safety Management profession nearly 20 years ago – see my story on the about me page.  At the time it was part of the job. I was trying to do my job well and having a safety program was the answer.  Not having a clue that it was a profession until a while down the road.

I remember, walking past this placard on an office door that said “safety”.  “What is that?” I asked.  No one could tell me exactly what that office did and in my mind I was like “you need an office to tell you to be safe” – that’s weird. 

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Safety Is A Great Profession

But now, 20 years later, not only do I know more about our profession, but the profession as a whole has grown so much!  Seriously, how many of us, when we were young, said “I want to grow up to be a safety manager”.  Now I say – Why not!!!  it is an AMAZING line of work.

There are not too many professions out there where, with a little experience under your belt,  your annually salary can be above the norm.  And stats show that most hit six figures as their experience grows; usually around the 15-20 year mark.  I think if more people knew that, they would think differently about what we do.

That is one reason why I created Ask Safety Geek.  To help new safety managers gain the skills that will propel them to success in this field.


As you can see, we are in the baby stages of this site.  Right now you will find lots of articles focusing on:

  • Safety Management Programs
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Regulatory Programs
  • Assessments and Inspections
  • Trend and Gap Analysis
  • Incident management
  • And more…..

The goal is to give you the tools, resources and advice to make you an expert in your field and a leader at your organization.


The plan is to offer more in depth and focused training in the future, as well as resources to help you do your job better and easier.  A sample of those resources can be found when you join our mailing list!!!  I would love to send you my amazing 5-page safety program self-assessment as my gift to you.


I have years of experience in a multitude of industries.  I am a weirdo who actually likes to read the regulations.  So I am here to answer any safety related questions you can through my way.  Just use this handy dandy form to ask them: CLICK HERE.  All questions in the queue are answered either on the podcast, in the blog, or on a Facebook Live in our group.

I LOVE getting questions – so, please don’t hesitate to ask.


So that’s a quick rundown of me and Ask Safety Geek.  Take the time to look around and check back often as I plan on adding more articles every week.  Thank you for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you (and answering your questions).


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Hi, I'm Brye (rhymes with sky)!  I am a self-proclaimed safety geek with two decades of general industry safety experience.  Specializing in bringing safety programs to a world-class level and building a safety culture, I have trained and coached many safety managers, just like you, on how to effectively manage workplace safety in the real world.   I would love to help you too.

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