Do You Know How to Work From Home as a Safety Manager?

During this trying time, many people have been told to work from home.  But how does a Safety Manager work from home? Is it even possible?

In this week’s episode, we are exploring how it is possible and the steps to do it.

In order to be an effective Safety Manager from a distance, you need to have the right training and people in place.  We have always said that safety is everyone’s responsibility. This means that tasks you may believe only the Safety Manager can do, should be delegated to other people.

Eliminate Paperwork

The first step to be able to work from home is to streamline your documentation and recordkeeping process.  Look at everything you are doing on paper and ask “How can this be done digitally?”

You can watch a recent Facebook Live I did on Eliminating Paperwork here.

The idea is to move as much of the work into a computer drive as possible so you can access it from home.  Even daily inspections can be put into a Google form to eliminate the paperwork.

Separate Out Your Work

Look at everything you do and ask “how can this be done at home?”  When you come up with a solution that goes on the “work from home” list and everything else is the “work in office” list.

Examples of  work that can only be done in the office include:

  • Observations
  • Coaching
  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Safety Awareness Materials
  • Etc…

Example of work from home tasks include:

  • Reports and trending
  • Answering emails
  • Phone calls
  • Managing Claims
  • Creating Trainings or new programs
  • Updating or writing policies, programs, or initiatives
  • Newsletters
  • DQ Files, HOS audits, DVIR audits

The key point is that you only do work at home stuff at home and never in the office.  This will ensure your office time is used for what matters most.

Create a System

Create a way for paperwork to go to and from your home office.  In the past, I had my employer FedEx me my inbox and another time, I used a portable file box.

If you are only partially working from home, alternate your schedule so you are in the office on different days.  This will allow you to still be part of all parts of the operation.

Lastly, find a system that keeps you focused and less distracted.  Many people dream of being able to jump out of bed and work in their pajamas.  But this isn’t always the most efficient way and can lead to a loss of productivity.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Safety Managers can work remotely if their people are trained.
  • Eliminating Paperwork
  • Apps to make it easier
  • Separating work into what can be done at home and what has to be done in the office.
  • Creating systems
  • Scheduling and Focus tips

Links Mentioned:

  • Google Drive
  • Focus Keeper


Are you working from home right now?  How do you manage your time and projects when you can’t be present where the work is being done?  Comment below and start the conversation.

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