Happy New Year! I love setting goals and action planning and today we are talking about New Year’s Resolutions, specifically the safety goals you should be setting. My past experience with resolutions hasn’t always been great, but last year I managed to get a couple to stick. A few years ago I changed from creating a resolution to choosing a word of the year that symbolized my focus for the year, but I still see extreme value in creating resolutions.

The problem comes with how hard it is to maintain your resolution. That’s why, in today’s episode we are talking about the psychology and brain chemistry of it all and how you can get your resolution to stick. The truth is that when you have an understanding as to why you aren’t sticking to your resolution – you are more likely to make a change. In order to do so you have to know what is happening in the brain and the mind and those triggers that keep you from meeting that resolution or goal.

Once you know the brain chemistry behind creating (and sticking with) your resolultion, it’s time to decide wich of the two different types of resolutions you will pick: life changing (weight loss, etc.) or project oriented.

Most often people have a life resolution and a work resolution, but sometimes you can pick one that applies to both. Check out my safety-related resolution suggestions and how you can implement them both in the safety world, as well as in your personal life.

Take Action

What safety goals are you committing to for the upcoming year? Take some time to consider where you want to be at the end of 2020. I strongly suggest you have a work and a life resolution, even if the two are similar. Can’t come up with a resolution? That’s okay. Instead, create a word of the year and share it with your management team and your employees.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Brain Stem vs. Prefrontal Cortex
  • Balancing work and life resolutions

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Continue the conversation by leaving a comment below with your resolution or word of the year. You never know who you might inspire with your ambition!

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