It is said that a goal without a plan is just a dream.  Therefore, good action planning makes dreams come true.

I believe that action planning is one of the most impactful tools that can be used, not only in safety but in all business goals.  Goals cannot be achieved overnight and it is easy for the team to get discouraged and side-tracked away from the goal.

Having a clear plan that is updated and reviewed weekly, shows the team the progress that is being made.  This keeps them motivated.

Another great thing about action planning is that it improves management commitment to the safety project.  When you create an action plan as a team, everyone has a stake in its success.  This makes meeting your safety goals so much easier.

You can even use the techniques outlined in this episode to help you complete any projects or goals that only involve yourself.  In fact, I do this regularly.  Any goal I am working towards gets broken down into steps and reviewed weekly. 

It is amazing how well this process works to achieve virtually anything you want.

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What action planning is
  • Why you want to use action planning
  • The projects you can put into an action plan
  • The people involved in action planning
  • How to get a commitment to your action plan
  • The action planning process
    • Your goal and your why
    • Brainstorming steps
    • Selecting steps
    • Detailing out the steps
    • Creating a realistic deadline
    • Ownership of each step
    • Finalizing your action plan
    • Reviewing Progress
    • Celebrating Success
orange document icon with down arrow indicating download

Don’t forget to download the FREE Action Planning Template


Scroll down and leave a comment.  I want to know how you plan your goals?  Do you do it yourself or as a team?  What do you struggle with most in creating and following your plan?

And, don’t forget to share this episode.  I’m sure you have a safety friend who could also you this great template.

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